node-red flow my tears the progammer said

 Having got a couple of weeks of node-red experience. I feel qualified to get a little critical.

In my first post on node-red I did already find reason to complain about the lack of namespaces, there was a conflict in my project meaning I failed to access node-red-contrib-crypto-js-dynamic, my code instead called node-red-contrib-crypto-js and failed.

My next target is the "flow". Flow is misnamed, there are flows of information through node-red, but what is called a "flow" is simply a named tab where you may put many different flows.

If you choose to store information in a flow, you are storing information on the equivalent of a big piece of paper. 

Once that piece of paper is full and you need a new one, then your new bit of paper/tab/flow will no longer have access to the information on your first bit of paper/flow/tab.

Your only real resort is to use the global context.

Both of these issues are a classic case of ease of use, hitting the threshold of big boys/girls proper programming where namespaces and scope have had decades of consideration.


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