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Cleaning media filenames

I have noticed over the years that Kodi falls down badly when it comes to getting media information. If even one file in a folder is not "properly" named the entire directory doesn't get imported. I was a little tempted to try and patch the Kodi source code, but frankly it's a little complicated to understand. Instead I thought I would play a little more with node-red: Gives you a flow you can import and which is entirely harmless until you connect the final rename node. It scans down folders and strips out all but the essential information in the filename.

node-red a full home automation example

 I'm not putting this publicly on github quite yet, though feel free to ask. It is my attempt to put my home automation on a dashboard integrated with Alexa, Logitech Harmony and in these days of scary fuel bills my solar panels and consumption monitoring smart plugs. You may or may not want my flows in all their glory, it is my house after all, but the following bits are of note. A reliable Tuya authentication mechanism. Solax solar cloud REST reading. A much extended set of harmony remote integration nodes compared to the original node-red-contrib-harmony repository I forked from. A way to read whether a Virgin TV box is on or off so a power toggle can be sent correctly. Hue lights control. Nothing special but might be easier than starting from scratch. A more useful version of the "sum" node that helps with power aggregation functions. Examples of using the alexa-node-red package so I can talk to Alexa and start node-red flows. A flow to turn an immersion heater on whe