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Goodbye Tuya it really hasn't been great knowing you.

Over the last few months I have been playing with esp32 and esp8266 devices. For those that don't know, one of these amazing chips is embedded in practically every smart device you own, your lights your sockets, anything you control from the smartlife app on your phone/tablet probably has one of these things. These wonderful little chips run a program that you can upload to them and that can be any program. My pet project at the moment has been "BigButton". The code for this lives here: The idea is that disabled kids can use it as a device to control a socket, which might control a light, or act as an alarm, it's actually quite surprising the uses you can make of a single button with an LED in it! Anyhow I digress, almost all of the devices you buy such as smart sockets are integrated with the tuya cloud service rather then being controlled over the the local network. I have been making open source contributions to help contro