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Problems in Pivacy - Electric Cars

 Electric cars are coming, in fact they are already here. Not hybrids plugins or otherwise, but full blown electric. If you commute daily there is a decent chance that despite the price gauging your long term overall cost of ownership will be cheaper than an infernal combustion engine. They are simpler to build, have less components that need servicing, there's no oil to change and with regenerative braking the brake pads last a lot longer. Your exhaust pipe won't fall off either as they don't have one. The diehard ICE fans will point out range issues and charging infrastructure. But sod them on range, belching diesel fumes so they can tow a second home up and down the Country a couple of times a year is not an argument anyone can win. Charging infrastructure is more interesting and obviously at the moment the ICE dinosaurs have a point. It is inadequate in the UK, there is little provision for on street charging, there a multiple standards and anecdotally plenty of broken