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Arduino esp32 thermistor project

 My first actual arduino project. Based on: the code is here: My little extra is to realise that thermistors are quite prone to interference and whilst a capacitor might help, so would taking an average of samples. I plan to add an LED readout as well as the simple REST api.

Arduino boards - what I wish I'd known when starting

 Arduino boards are an alternative to raspberry pi boards, for projects that involve custom hardware IO. For example a simple thermistor attached to take temperatures. For that kind of application a full blown computer like the standard raspberry pi range is obviously massive overkill. Well frankly for the purpose of reading a thermistor so is Arduino.  But they are cheap as chips. My starting point was 3x esp32 boards for £21.95 with inbuilt wifi and bluetooth. It's hard to argue at those prices. The boards are at that price clones, but that's the point really, it is an open hardware standard. As such there are a great number of variants. Code written for builtin wifi won't be quite the same for a board where you have added a wifi shield. So how do you program them? Remarkably the default language supported by the public IDE is C++ and as an important note, if you download this for windows, get the full version don't get what the Microsoft store offers you, it lacks ev